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Anxiety Fidget Ring

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If you're like the 18 million plus people in Europe who bite their nails, you'll love this. A ring that rotates against your finger is a great way to avoid biting your nails.

This daisy ring is made to provide stress relief and prevent anxiety. It is an inexpensive solution to the common problem of biting nails. The spinning motion of this ring is designed to calm anxiety and bring about a peaceful state of mind.

-Stainless Steel 

Sizing Guide 

How to select the correct ring size:


1. Choose an existing ring that fits your desired finger. 

2. Measure the inside diameter of the ring (in mm). 

3. Use the chart below to determine your ring size. 

14.8 4
15.7 5
16.5 6
17.3 7
18.1 8
19.0 9
19.8 10
20.6 11

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